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Kosheleva Alla Igorevna, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of history of Russia, state and law, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), 

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Background. The subject of the research is the image of orthodox priests in pub-lic and ecclesiastical periodicals in the second half of XIX century. The article aims at characterizing social attitude to clergy, at considering its social image and lines of publishing activity in the second half of XIX century.
Materials and methods. The research was carried out using general scientific and special historical methods. It was based on the principles of historicism, objectivity and the system-analytical approach.
Results. In the second half of XIX century it was typical to actively discuss the problems of the Russian orthodox church on the pages of multiple central and ocal periodicals. The analysis of articles in such publications as «Russkoe bogatstvo» (Russian riches), «Russkaya starina» (Russian antiquity), «Istorichesky vestnik» (Historical bulletin), «Russkiy arkhiv» (Russian archive), «Samarskie eparkhialnie vedomosti» (Samara diocesan bulletin), showed that the importance and the place of the clergy in sociopolitical processes in Russia were the topical problems in the second half of XIX century.
Conclusions. In the second half of XIX – early XX century the clergy of the Russian orthodox church took a contradictory place in the social structure. On the one hand, the clergy were imposed serious requirements and hopes for public educa-tion, on the other hand, it is obvious that the society were dissatisfied by the Church as a state institution, the memebers of which – the priests – tainted themselves by various moral-spiritual vices. Besides, if one takes a closer look at the socioecono-mic and legal position of the clergy in the Russian society of the second half XIX – early XX century, it will be possible to see the problems that fettered and pa-ralyzed its activity. 

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clergy, Russian Orthodox Church, article, journal, social and politi-cal journalism. 

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